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Digital Cookies (DE)
Coding with Scratch 1 (DE)
Digital currencies basics (DE)
a small overview (DE)
Файли Cookies
Програмування зі Scratch 1
Цифрові валюти
a small overview

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$Bits and $Bytes can be exchanged for real prizes in our BYTE shop.

Mega Package

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Games, books, apps and more.

The Giga Package for Classes

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Taschen, Tassen, USB-Sticks, Stifte, Sticker und viel mehr. Das Paket wird an eure Schule geliefert.

(nur für Schulen in Deutschland)

A look inside the box

Our prizes consist of a wide variety of items, such as USB sticks, powerbanks, shirts, hoodies, water bottles, jewelry and many more.

Certificates, Posters & Worksheets

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Needed infrastructure:

  • PC, laptop, tablet or even smartphone
  • Internet at "normal" speed
  • Browser
  • Email address

Really suitable for any school type!

BYTE provides much-needed support for teaching basic computer science and STEM skills. It is just as suitable for grades 6-13 in the high school as in other types of schools.

The level is suitable for beginners, even without previous knowledge.
Previous knowledge of Scratch is not required for successful participation.

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