We are the BYTE-Team!

BYTE is a project of German Informatics Society e.V. our team, is very interdisciplinary and international, because digitisation is a global task for society as a whole. Digitisation does not only affect the technical disciplines, but the whole of society!

Carolin Neumann
Stefan Hildebrand
Emilia Sommer
Clarissa Arlinghaus
Iva Jeřábková
Luke J.
Antonia Brüggemann
Tom P.
Youanna Banyamin
Bohdan Shalaiev
Laura Gödde
Luisa Wolf
Yuliia Chernushych
Leon Wageck
Kateryna Tarasenko
Ali Hasanat
Lisa Ihde
Ramina Dolhintseva

and many more!

Join us!

We are passionate about developing course content, designing the learning platform, organising events and promoting the project.

Would you like to make a difference with us and help young people to explore the digital world consciously and competently? Are you ready to get others excited about computer science and other STEM subjects?

Volunteer and become part of the BYTE team that promotes digital education worldwide.

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