Course & Cooperation partners

Scientific Cooperation

Behind the BYTE Challenge there is a great team of scientists and students. We are excited to work with universities and colleges to promote education.

We are currently cooperating with the Educational Science degree programme at the University of Education in Freiburg and the Legal Tech Community at the University of Mannheim (ltc) as part of a final thesis. The thesis is being written by Anna Scherer and supervised by academic assistant Hannah Reuten (M.A.) from the Department of Adult Education/Continuing Education at the PH Freiburg. The topic of the thesis is: "Adaptation of an existing Python self-study course to the needs of law students at the University of Mannheim" As part of a cooperation project, the members of ltc had the opportunity to get to know the Python programming language, write their first programmes and create images, animations and small games.

We are convinced that nowadays and in the future, it is almost mandatory to try out programming and understand its basic principles. The aim of the project is to adapt these principles to the target group and convey them in an understandable way. Because it is our firm belief that this is the key to the digital future!

Let’s Connect!

We are always looking for potential co-operation partners and sponsors. Let's talk about how we can work together. Contact us to discuss further details and develop ideas together.