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Do you have questions about using the Moodle platform? Are you having trouble with the registration process? Would you like to learn how to use BYTE courses effectively in the classroom? Or do you just want to drop by or give constructive feedback? The 'Digitale Sprechstunde' event is here to assist you with your questions.

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Through cooperation into a digital future

"STEM education is like doing development aid in your own country: lack of equipment, lack of knowledge and, of course, lack of resources."

Behind the BYTE Challenge there is a great team of scientists and students. We are excited to work with universities and colleges to promote education.

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There are suitable courses for all types of schools!

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Digital Cookies (DE)
Coding with Scratch 1 (DE)
Digital currencies basics (DE)
a small overview (DE)
Файли Cookies
Програмування зі Scratch 1
Цифрові валюти
a small overview

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BYTE - проект Німецького товариства інформатики (Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.), ,але наша команда є міждисциплінарною та міжнародною,
тому що цифрова трансформація - це глобальне суспільне завдання.

Digitisation does not only affect the technical disciplines, but the whole of society!

Every euro counts!

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